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D1 Fastpitch is a premier softball event organizer, known for hosting high-quality softball tournaments across the country. Focused on providing unparalleled experiences for players and fans alike, D1 Fastpitch offers a range of tournaments designed for softball enthusiasts at all skill levels.

What sets D1 Fastpitch apart from competitors is its exceptional recruiting platforms. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology supported by tagup, D1 Fastpitch gives players a unique chance to showcase their skills to a wide array of college scouts. This serves as an invaluable platform for players aiming to advance their softball careers and possibly secure scholarships, benefiting both their academic and athletic goals.

D1 Fastpitch is committed to ensuring top-quality experiences for all participants. This includes everything from the quality of the fields and amenities to the caliber of the competing teams. The events are highly anticipated and attract top teams and players from around the nation, establishing D1 Fastpitch as the go-to choice for any dedicated softball player or fan.

For players, coaches, or fans, D1 Fastpitch emerges as the ultimate hub for the country’s finest softball tournaments. With its innovative use of technology, steadfast commitment to quality, and passion for creating memorable moments, D1 Fastpitch is shaping the future of softball events.

Spring Swing - CANCELLED

 04/19/24 – 04/21/24
 Massarelli Sports Complex
 Application Only 10u 12u 14u

Breast Cancer Shootout

 05/17/24 – 05/19/24
 Canfield, OH
 Application Only 10u 12u 14u

D1 Super Select Summer Showcase

 06/07/24 – 06/09/24
 North Ridgeville, OH
 Application Only 12u 14u 16u 18u

Outlaws Summer Invitational

 06/14/24 – 06/16/24
 North Ridgeville, OH
 Application Only 10u 12u 14u 16u 18u

Great Lakes Championships

 07/18/24 – 07/21/24
Canton, OH
 Open 12u 14u 16u 18u

Outlaws Not So Friendly

 09/20/24 – 09/22/24
 Application Only 12u 14u 16u 18u

D1 Easton Rawlings Bat Wars

 09/27/24 – 09/29/24
 Berliner Sports Park
 Application Only 12u 14u 16u 18u

Fall Brawl Cash Bash

 10/04/24 – 10/06/24
 Berliner Sports Park
 Application Only 12u 14u 16u 18u

D1 Super Select Fall Showcase

 10/11/24 – 10/13/24
 Massarelli Sports Complex
 Application Only 16u 18u

America's Premier Fall Showcase

 10/18/24 – 10/20/24
 Berliner Sports Park
 Application Only 14u 16u 18u

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